Waiting for God

Hey Yall ,
Hope all is well with you ? Sis have you ever been disappointed , embarrassed , ashamed , broken hearted ? Ever wonder why people treat you the way they do ? Why God blesses the people who don’t serve him and gives pains to those that do? This blog post is going to give you insite on why things happen. How to handle it and pray. Keep reading sis ! It isn’t that God blesses who don’t serve him first . He blesses all that call upon his name . Patience is what he wants . God gives his toughest battle to the one he knows can handle it . God blesses each and every single one of us no matter the situation . When you start to think why is it that God blesses people who don’t serve him and give pain to those that do . Ever wonder why God gives you something and he is the same one that takes it away .Or he tells you to let go of something/someone ? Then you say to yourself Lord are you really talking  to me ?  Sis let me tell you every single time the Lord takes something away he is giving you bigger and  better then anything you can imagine . However let me have you think about the scripture that says when the time is right I the Lord will make it happen referencing to Isaiah 60:22 . Meaning that when the time is right he will bless you .When the time is right that miracle will happen . When the time is right that unanswered prayer will be answered . Let me tell you God can bless anyone in some way shape or fashion . He blesses you when you least expect it . Don’t get mad at God just wait . While your waiting pray . Pray when you are disappointed, Pray when your ashamed , Pray when your embarrassed . Never stop praying God answers all of us .Just at different times !
Prayer: Dear heavenly father I pray for the sis that is reading this today . Pray for them to receive a blessing this week . Pray for them to let go of what ever that maybe making them to have a heavy heart . Step in holy spirit and intervene on their behalf . Give them the strength to hold on and wait for you to bless them !!!! Have a lovely week ladies and stay blessed!!!
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